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Seafish Safety Awareness for Experienced Fishermen

This course is mandatory for all experienced fishermen with a minimum of six months fishing experience (and a maximum of 18 months), and covers aspects of how accidents happen, with guidelines on how to prevent them and how to minimise damage and injury when they do happen. Guidance on risk assessment is also included which may help with insurance applications and claims.

In addition to the four courses required to be completed by new entrants to the industry, all experienced fishermen must complete a Safety Awareness course after 6 to 18 months.  Under current rules, completing this course may allow eligibility to funding for further training, e.g. Under 16.5m Skippers Ticket courses

Course Certification and Compliance

Our course is fully approved by Seafish

Entry requirements

  • You should have completed your Basic Safeties at least 6 months earlier, but not longer than 18 months earlier (time is counted from the date of Sea Survival)

This course may free up funding for additional courses from Seafish

Course Content

  • Risk assessment and risk reduction
  • Identifying hazards
  • Using M-Notices to locate guidance
  • Legal principles and requirements
  • The improvement of safety on board fishing vessels and the dangers associated with fishing

Examination Type

Examination is by continuous assessment and course participation.  There is no formal written exam.

Seafish on behalf of the MCA will issue a course certificate to those who complete the course successfully.

Upon completion of this course, experienced fishermen are recommended to apply to Seafish for an Experienced Fisherman photo identification card verifying their compliance with this requirement.