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54 North Maritime Training provides a variety of SEAFISH training courses for people working in the fishing industry. Some safety training courses are mandatory and must be completed before going to sea by law. It’s also important for anyone working on a fishing vessel to complete other voluntary courses to keep their skills and knowledge up to date.

Mandatory Training

Basic safety training requirements

Everyone working on a UK-registered commercial fishing vessel must complete training in:

  1. 1-day Basic Sea Survival1
  2. 1-day Basic Fire Fighting2
  3. 1-day Basic First Aid2
  4. 1-day Basic Health & Safety for New Entrants2
  5. 1-day Safety Awareness3

1Basic Sea Survival must be completed before starting work.

2Basic Fire Fighting, Basic First Aid and Basic Health & Safety for New Entrants must be completed within three months of starting work.

3Safety Awareness must be undertaken by new entrants after they have been working for a minimum of six months (and not later than 2 years).

NOTE: Selecting anyone of the courses will allow you to complete our online booking form.  There will be an opportunity to add further courses as you fill in the form.