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Student Case Studies


Manchester, UK

Level 2 Diploma in Maritime Studies (Seafishing Pathway)

“Sea Fishing has always been a massive love of mine and I felt that studying at Whitby Fishing School would really cement my understanding of the industry. 

I decided to study at Whitby Fishing School because I loved how small and intimate the training school was and there was a real feeling of close teaching where I would get more individual help, rather than being one out of many hundreds at a normal mainstream college.  I also knew that Whitby Fishing School has a great reputation and strong links to the sea fishing industry that I want to work in after I completed my course.

What I really enjoyed most about the course is the diverse range of modules available and the ability to really consider and learn new material, especially when participating in the practical based Seafish courses such as the Basic Sea Survival and Basic First Aid.

Over the last few months of the course I started to realise how valuable the safety training really is and how important it is for a career in the industry.  Whitby Fishing School has a fantastic training team who thrive on supporting every student through any problem.  The diploma course has so much to offer, with so many choices of modules that even if you find that you’re not enjoying something, you will definitely find something that will fit your interest, whether it’s general seamanship, communications (radios), bridge watch-keeping, navigation or even engineering!”

On completion of the course Ciaran was awarded with the Whitby Fishing School ‘Apprentice of the Year Award’.  Ciaran continues to work in the fishing industry onboard a commercial scalloper operating out of Oban, Scotland. 


Grimsby, Northeast Lincolnshire, UK

Level 2 Diploma in Maritime Studies (Seafishing Pathway)

Kyran wanted to pursue his interest in Fishing and chose Whitby Fishing School because he saw the school as a centre of excellence.  He said the content and skills developed while studying at the Fishing School can be related to many maritime fields.  The Seafishing diploma gives you so many career options.  The practical safety skills developed whilst on the course certainly help when going on board your vessel for the first time.  I feel that this course is perfect for getting a balanced view of how the sea fishing industry really works. 

The teaching is up to a standard that you would expect at such an establishment.  Because the fishing school is relatively small this means that course instructors can spend more time speaking to each of us. I enjoy living in Whitby, there is a great sense of comradery amongst the fishing crews.  To anyone considering Whitby Fishing School for their Level 2 Diploma in Maritime Studies, I say: go for it! It’s a fantastic course at a great place.


Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK

Level 2 Diploma in Maritime Studies (Seafishing Pathway)

Kieran moved to Whitby from Stevenage, Hertfordshire for the full duration of the 12-month course. He came across Whitby Fishing School whilst searching online for fishing jobs. Kieran said he liked the idea of gaining both practical and theory based skills, that’s why he applied for this course.  During the course Kieran gained a wealth of practical experience on a variety of local fishing vessels, ranging from potting (lobster/crabs) to scallopers. Kieran is an outdoor type person who loves the challenging environment that the North Sea provides.  After completing the course Kieran successfully completed the Diploma course which gave him a portfolio of 12 certificates and a logbook of over 1000+ sea going hours, and employment on a scalloping boat operating out of North Shields, Newcastle.


Whitby, North Yorkshire, UK

Level 2 Diploma in Maritime Studies (Seafishing Pathway)

Charlotte left Caedmon College, Whitby after completing her GCSE’s.

Charlotte said; “I chose Whitby Fishing School because of a few reasons, the first, because the training school is on my doorstep, it’s the only training school in the country offering the seafishing apprenticeship and I’m from a local fishing family.  I became interested in fishing from a very young age, while going out fishing on my father’s potting boat, I just knew this was the right job for me!

The course covers a huge range of topics, from Basic Navigation, Communications, Care of the Catch, Sea Survival, Construction and Stability, so no matter what you’re previous experience, there is always something new to learn and the opportunity to develop your existing skills. I had a lot of support during my studies but the most important for me was the opportunity to work towards gaining my <16.5m skippers ticket.

My apprenticeship experience was challenging but worth all of the hard work because I’m now the proud owner of my own potting boat working in my dream job as a commercial fishing skipper.  I would 100% recommend Whitby Fishing School to other students because it’s a huge part of why I’ve got my dream job today”.