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Whitby has a history of seafaring which covers hundred’s of years and includes connections with whaling, the coal & cargo trades.

In 1706 Whitby was the sixth most major port in Britain, building 130 ships that year, and in Whitby large vessels continued to be built up to 1908 when the last one was launched.  Today Parkol Marine Engineering continues the tradition of boat building and repair, being recognised as one of the most successful in the UK.

Famously, Captain Cook became an Apprentice to a Whitby ship owner in 1746.  He resided in homely lodgings in Grape Lane, Whitby, whilst he learned seafaring.  For 80 years (1753-1833) Whitby’s fishermen were engaged in whaling – and the maritime trades and seafaring have continued in Whitby to this day and now include the Apprentices within our school.