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54 North Maritime Training is a leading specialist provider of high-quality maritime training courses across maritime, security and medical disciplines. 

We have excellent training facilities in Whitby, North Yorkshire which are used for a wide range of courses from Personal Survival Techniques to Elementary First Aid, whilst many of our workplace-orientated courses (including Basic First Aid, VHF/GMDSS Radio and Proficiency in Security Awareness Training) can be delivered at client’s convenience through mutual agreement.

Participants can benefit from training with our specialist team of instructors who are selected for their extensive experience across maritime and military environments. Participants therefore master the required skills and knowledge through a combination of independent study, instructor-led skills development and scenario practice sessions.  Instructors can also provide additional relevant information to meet specific industry, workplace, or training requirements.

About Whitby Fishing School

From an original working party of approximately 20 local businesspersons, the company was formed with the Objectives of the Company being:

  • To establish a specialist Fishing Industry centre in Whitby, North Yorkshire, to serve the port of Whitby and other ports
  • To provide education and training in Fishing Industry methods which shall include but not be limited to Apprenticeships, new skills training, health & safety, navigation and catch handling
  • To provide education and training but not limited to Class 1 and Class 2 level Skippers Tickets
  • To market and promote the profile of the fishing industry within local communities
  • To carry on any other business or activity which may seem capable of being conveniently carried on in connection with any activity of the Company or may seem to the Company calculated directly or indirectly to benefit the Company.

The Board of Directors was formed with each Director being strategically chosen for the skills and knowledge they can bring to the school.  Our Board meets regularly and is energetic in its support of the school and its staff

“Our school, having been on a learning curve that at times seemed vertical, has come through with flying colours” said Arnold Locker, Honorary President.

“Our staff have continued to work to ensure the school’s progression in a difficult climate.  It is our intention to continue, going from strength to strength, to support our trainees and the whole of the fishing industry and to remain recognised as a flagship for UK fishing training”.